By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone!

T.G.I.P.F.!!! [Thank goodness it’s purple Friday]

What a radar view this morning. Just down to the South that big old area of Low pressure we’ve been discussing all week is just raising heck. Rain, snow showers, and such. And JUST down to the South.

North of Southern Maryland, and the DelMarVa, we should remain dry. And that is science at work literally above us.

The Futurecast shows clearing later this afternoon, the forecast brings broken clouds in a bit later. But the fact is both agree on clearing skies and a good, calm, weekend. This forecast, the good, and bad, has been very consistent all week. And that is what you look for in an outlook.

Sunday’s weather, here, will mirror Sunday’s weather in Nashville as we have been discussing this week. And that has not changed either. Sun and clouds with temps in the mid 40’s. In football terms Mom Nature is just grinding out the yards.

Have a great, and SAFE weekend. COVID be damned it’s playoff time and nothing will ruin that buzz. We’ve waited too long for this fun. Cheers, and CHEERS!!!