By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Hi Everyone!

Just as yesterday I was discussing the weather on Dr. King’s National Holiday, and it usually being quite chilly, today let’s use January 20th every four years as a guidepost for a Winter weather indicator. And that would be the Inauguration of the President of the United States. I have been lucky to attend two of them, George H. W. Bush, and Bill Clinton. Both days were clear and cold.

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Inaugurations used to happen in early March back in the day. Then Congress decided that was too long of a  potential “lame duck” period if an administration was totally changing. So they moved it closer to the actual election. Hence lets do an outside event in the dead of Winter. Brilliant.

But such has been the case since 1937, and Franklin D. Roosevelt was president then. Heck cold weather killed one newly elected leader William Henry Harrison in 1841, and that was a March date. His speech was long, he was not dressed warm enough, and 31 day’s later he passed of pneumonia. Why not just do the deal on a nice Spring Day. Sorry to say that would require turning some big wheels.

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Tomorrow pretty darn good weather. Sun and clouds and 42°. A little cooler that today but still pretty darn good for a Mid-Atlantic January day. Our good run of January weather has national implications this year.

How about that!!!

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