BALTIMORE (WJZ) — On February 15, 2015, Baltimore resident Ron Greene was in an accident. A semi-truck smashed into him during a snowstorm, totaling his car with him inside.

“My arm was split open, my head was lacerated with 17 staples, I had a severe concussion,” Greene said. “I was going to Johns Hopkins for a lot of tests, MRI’s.”

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Eventually, life went back to normal until Greene noticed something he hadn’t noticed before.

“I don’t know, color started to affect me,” he said.

Greene picked up some paint and tried something new.

“I decided, why not just try to paint, create a painting,” Greene said.

The colors were both joyful and painful to him.

“It’s an emotional thing that, when I see color, it just gets me,” Greene said.

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Drawing inspiration from abstract expressionism, Greene now works out of his studio in Hampden, devoting hours to his creations.

“They’re very physically involved in creating them,” he said.

One painting after another, each one evokes so many emotions.

“I think it kind of reflects on, you know, the accident itself,” Greene said.

Whether you like his art or not, he only asks one thing from the viewers.

“That they understand what went into creating the painting,” he said.

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For more information on Greene’s artwork, please click here.

Annie Rose Ramos