By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone!

So let’s move beyond the last night, and overnight hit of a wintry mix. That weather story has already been written. What is now before us is a blank piece of paper waiting for a story that lay ahead on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. That weather in a word, “real cold.”

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Yeah I know that two words, but it will be so wind driven cold at times Thursday, and Friday, that “Real Cold” will come out as “REALCOLD.”

One shivering word.

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We are talking the low thirties and upper teens, day and nightside, along with winds being described as blustery. Single digit wind chills at times.

Life is all a matter pf perspective so having read the above, and assuming you did not wreck your car on some ice, or fall down on s slick sidewalk today, really just how bad has this day’s weather been. The answer in a word. “Not too.” ,…Ok I know that two words but say it fast and it becomes one word!

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