BALTIMORE (WJZ) —  Hi Everyone!

T.G.I.F! Although we did make it “one more purple Friday” in Studio A.

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For us, this day is a shoutout to the Ravens organization from the top down who did all that was asked of them, and all they could, to give us a season that gave our COVID-weary minds a break.

The Baltimore Ravens are our champions. Now let’s talk some weather and a change in the forecast that is bothersome.

On Sunday morning, we could see a one- to three-inch snowfall, mostly from the city to the southeast.

This week, we have been watching an area of low pressure on the Futurecast dive toward the Gulf, pick up moisture then head east out to sea. Well now, here comes the variable itself, the Earth, with a change in plans.

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High pressure to our east will move out and allow that low to swing up the coast, and close enough to drop that light, mostly overnight, snowfall on us. That low is a “clipper” — quick-moving and then gone.

With all the modeling put together by some VERY smart folks, the Earth will always have the final say, and this is the perfect example.

Beyond that, expect a temperature roller coaster as we move through next week. We will see numbers from the normal mid-40s to the below-normal mid-30s, then back up again and so forth.

But nothing will change the headline that it is finally Friday, not even the earth itself.


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