BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Maryland State Highway Administration is urging residents to stay off the roads Thursday as snow arrives in the region.

Officials issued the following statement on Twitter Wednesday night:

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“With snow & ice expected tomorrow, please adjust your travel plans to stay off the roads. If you must drive & your vehicle becomes disabled, do all that you can to drive completely off the highway. Don’t stand near/behind your vehicle or on the side of the road. It’s dangerous!”

Maryland State Highway Officials said they have more than 1,000 crews on standby throughout the state, and they’re keeping a close eye on salt supplies.

“Our crews have been ready and continue to be ready for whatever comes our way,” Sherry Christian, of the Maryland State Highway Administration, said.

“The conditions are going to be treacherous, so if any day or two days out of the year that you are going to telecommute, this would be it. Stay home,” she added.

Gov. Larry Hogan also sent out a tweet reminding Marylanders to stay off the roads, but said if they must travel, give plow and salt trucks plenty of space to do their jobs.

In Baltimore City Wednesday, lines wrapped around the grocery store as people rushed out to stock up on food before staying in.

“It was pretty busy,” Rohan Pathare, a Baltimore resident, said.

“There were a lot of people,” Noor Saloum, a Baltimore resident, said. “You can see the line is pretty long.”

But the snow won’t be a problem for some.

“I’m coming from outside the state, so I’m used to this kind of weather,” Taylor Putnam, a local student, said.

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Kelsey Kushner