TOWSON, Md. (WJZ) — Since last Friday, gas prices across Maryland have increased by at least 15 cents, according to AAA.

AAA said local and national gas price averages already topped 2020 highs, which were respectively $2.59 nationally and $2.55 in Maryland.

The jump in both the state and the national average is a direct result of all major Gulf Coast refineries being impacted by the recent winter storm, which has caused gas supplies to tighten and pump prices to increase, according to AAA.

The gas price average in Maryland as of Friday is $2.63, up respectively 15 cents from last week, 16 cents in the last month, and 27 cents from this date last year.

The national gas price average is $2.60, up respectively 10 cents in the last week, 22 cents in the last month, and 15 cents from this time last year, AAA said.

CBS Baltimore Staff