BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Comcast is once again pushing back its plans to begin charging customers in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic who use large amounts of data, the company said this week.

On its website, Comcast said it will not roll out its new data plan until 2022. The plan would charge customers $10 per 50 gigabytes of data they use over a 1.2 terabyte threshold, up to $100 per month.

“We are delaying implementation of our data plan in our Northeast markets until 2022. We recognize that our data plan was new for our customers in the Northeast, and while only a very small percentage of customers need additional data, we are providing them with more time to become familiar with the new plan,” the company said in a statement to WJZ on Friday.


Earlier this month, Comcast announced it would not begin charging the data fees in Maryland and the rest of its Northeast service area until August 2021.

In late January, three Baltimore city councilmembers asked the state to review the internet giant’s plans, calling them “predatory price gouging.”

“To add this arbitrary capricious fee in the middle of a pandemic is unacceptable,” Baltimore City Councilman Zeke Cohen said at the time.

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CBS Baltimore Staff