BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The National Aquarium’s animal rescue team released a group of nine sea turtles — 8 Kemp’s ridley and one green sea turtle — off the coast of Florida in their natural habitat.

The nine sea turtles came to the National Aquarium after they were stranded off the coast of Massachusetts in November 2020.

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Each turtle was named after a constellation, including Ursa Major, Capricornus, Pegasus, Gemini, Leo, and Cassiopia.

All were treated for ailments related to cold-stunning including pneumonia, respiratory distress, dehydration, infection and emaciation

One of the Kemp’s ridleys, Orion, suffered severe injuries to his carapace and plastron, the top and underside of his shell and needed more intensive treatment including subcutaneous fluids, pain medication, wound care and time in a warming tank to raise his body temperature.

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The National Aquarium continues to care for Hydra, Hercules, Pisces, Cygnus, Cetus and Phoenix.

Pecorino, named after the cheese as a part of the 2019-20 season’s naming convention, is steadily making strides. Pecorino was rescued in Delaware after a presumed boat strike in September 2020.

Here are some photos from the release:


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