BALTIMORE (WJZ) — By his own admission, Jonathan Moore isn’t much of an athlete.

“I just pulled my Achilles at the gym walking in between equipment, and I was like, that’s a hell of an athlete,” Moore said.

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Yet, he’s endorsed by one of the newest sportswear brands to hit the streets in Baltimore.

It’s called Fearless Sports, a casual and athletic apparel company that has chosen to forgo traditional athlete endorsement deals, opting instead for leaders of nonprofits and community action projects to be their “brand ambassadors.”

“We really wanted to ask the question, what about everybody else? The folks who are on the ground… who’s the best teacher, top of her game, maybe it’s the best scientist… So we wanted to do something to flip that model on its head and say let’s make that person the star,” Delali Dzirasa, of Fearless Sports, said.

That is why Moore is the perfect fit. He’s the founder of, a company that’s working to conquer the digital divide in under-served communities while training those in the neighborhoods to maintain the digital infrastructure.

“We know this is important because now people in the communities we serve that look like us can get on and access and be a part of the digital economy and be a part of the digital world,” Moore said.

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It’s this type of work that Fearless Sports wants to not only highlight, but support financially.

“So this right here is our BLM hoodie, so 10% of the proceeds are going back to social impact organizations to further their work,” Dzirasa said.

And it doesn’t take an athlete to know, this is a “win” for all involved.

“By partnering with fearless, they understand I’m nothing more than a step to someone’s aspirations and ascension to whatever the next step is,” Moore said.

“For us, it is a calling, it’s important, something we are honored to be a part of. Again, we back the doers and we want to be doers as well so we see a problem we’re going to jump in, we’re going to fix it,” Dzirasa said.

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Sean Streicher