By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone!

We start this week off with not just a dramatic warm up on the way, but also Daylight Savings Time on the way too.

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This time next week the Sunday will be setting after 7 p.m. To that, I say “HOORAY!!!”

I am not sure what the blow back, by some, to changing time is. Most clocks, like the one on your cable box, etc., adjust automatically. The microwave and oven, so you have to change manually. What’s the big deal, it is not heavy lifting.

But you watch there will be people griping about the nuisance of the chore. (Not gonna hear that chirping when we are all outside enjoying a beautiful evening under still bright skies at 8 p.m. in just a month.)

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No complaints about near 70 the next two days and in the low 70s Wednesday and Thursday.

Make some plans for that “me time”  I always encourage you to find because just as all of life adjust back to whatever normal the subject might be, the temps will also by the end of the weekend.

Back to 47° next Sunday. But ya know what will make that not so bad? Exactly correct. Sunset after 7!

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