BEL AIR, Md. (WJZ) — A Bel Air teen, fighting a rare disease, finally got a surgery Friday that could save her life.

Macey Breitenback recently learned she will receive a critical organ transplant. It brought tears of joy, 19 years in the making.

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WJZ first met Macey four years ago when we learned about her rare incurable disease called visceral myopathy, a smooth muscle disorder that affects all of her organs.

Most of her stomach has been removed and she’s fed through a central line in her heart. Macey has had nine exploratory surgeries.

Back then, Macey told WJZ anchor Linh Bui she was always in pain.

“It never goes fully away,” she said.

We watched as Macey competed in Miss Maryland Teen in 2017. Her smile lit up the stage.

But while trying to live life as a regular teenager, Macey has been in agony — exhausted, overwhelmed and sometimes defeated.

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Macey had the operation early Friday morning.

Her mother posted to Facebook to say she is doing well so far.

“Thank you all for the prayers,” she said.

The organ transplant was very risky, but it was the only option she had left.

Her mother posted this update on Facebook: the surgeon said Macey’s bowels were essentially frozen. It was a difficult procedure, but everything went well.

Macey is a fighter. She was born with this disease and only expected to live one week — not she’s 19!

If you’d like to show your love and support, you can join a Facebook group called “Pray for Macey” where they update her progress and recovery.

Linh Bui