By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone!


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Coming on the news that Netflix is using new technology to prevent account sharing, I just had to find some good news.

We have made the forecast high temps this weekend a bit milder.

We have moved Saturday’s high temp up to the mid 50’s from 51° and have bumped up Sunday Funday’s high to 61 up from 58°.

A little breeze on Sunday, but with sunshine both days, not all that half bad. And those temps are above the normal now in the low 50s. Good news!!

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(Let me revisit something…when my son was sheltered in place with us during the first nine weeks of the pandemic and was watching Netflix, his account, it is not like we were sharing. I may or may not have noticed his password. OK? )

Early next week, back to the mid 40s and below normal for just two days before a rise back to the mid 50s for St. Patrick’s Day.

A little chill, not an arctic blast making the Mid-Atlantic home. In total, a bunch of good weather news if you think about it.

It was almost one year ago when Joe Exotic entered our lives. And the Chef Show and other stuff I watched my son watch on Netflix. Hmmm, I may have to look into getting an account.

TGIF, ain’t it the truth!

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