By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone!

We’ve had a foggy start to the day and a warm one too with many overnight low temps in the mid 50s about 15° above normal. Some sun later on with a high of 75°. And if we get more sun than “some sun” all the better for us!

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I do want to let you know it will get quite windy tomorrow. March winds. Remember we are still in this March until the end of next week and speaking of next week Monday looks to be another blustery day. I point out the winds for a reason.

The Spring bloom has started and that means the Spring pollen season is here, too.

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We won’t be seeing clouds of green dust flying off of bushes immediately, but all you need do is wash a car and look at it two hours later. Yep, the dust will have settled.

In the era of “the Rona” any sniffle gets anyone’s attention. Last year, we were all inside locked down and for the most part missed Spring and that seasonal allergic issue. Spring is starting to look a bit pretty, but there are “no free rides in this carnival world,” as Jimmy Buffett once sang.

A Christmas time slogan works fine here too, “Tis the season!” Still beats Winter’s ice and cold.

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