By Marty Bass



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It will be 80° today. That is what we call, “the lead!”

But I have to be honest big winds later might be the headline. They will come out of the west at 15 to 30 mph, with gusts above 40 mph.

Pretty legit stuff. In a perfect world the winds will die off rapidly this evening, but I think we stay breezy through bedtime. Tomorrow should be a nice day with sun and a bit cooler, but still mild in the low very low 70’s.

I am trying not to jinx anything here. Yesterday was supposed to be sunny, but we could not break up the low clouds and moisture.

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It was mild, but the “wow factor” we would have had if the sun were out never happened. Today hopefully it will, same tomorrow. The sun and the “wow factor.”

Sunday is still looking to be gray with showers around later in the afternoon, but we have bumped the temperature up to 70°.

This time of the year, coming out of winter, those temperature numbers are a big deal even without “wow factor.”

So it is a win for the home team this weeks end, and weekend. It is just a matter of how many home runs Mother Nature will hit. #wowfactor. Because sunshine and home runs have that in common!

TGIF!! It is the truth.


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