By CBS Baltimore Staff

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Three four-week-old husky puppies are in critical condition after they were rescued in Baltimore.

A customer at a gas station at the foot of the Hanover Street Bridge noticed a broken down car Friday night. When they came closer to the car, they saw five husky puppies inside, covered in their own filth and barely moving.

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There was also a man sleeping inside the car.

Credit: BARCS

Credit: BARCS

Baltimore City Animal Control was called to the scene. When animal control officers arrived they found the condition even more horrific that initially thought.

The four-week-old puppies were having bouts of uncontrolled diarrhea and eating their own excrement and vomit. They were thin, lifeless and unable to stand, BARCS said.

The owner of the vehicle told officers he bought the puppies down south and was traveling up the East Coast to sell them for profit. The puppies were seized and taken to the ER through BARCS’ Franky Fund Program

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BARCS are currently caring for the puppies and renamed them Clove, Rainbow, Noki, Milton and Sky.

The puppies were diagnosed with parvovirus and got emergency treatment immediately. Clove, unfortunately, died Saturday morning

Another puppy, Sky, passed away by Saturday night.

Noki and Milton remain in critical condition as of Monday morning. The emergency vet team is doing everything to keep Rainbow alive.

BARCS needs help to care for the puppies. They are asking for donations to the Franky Fund.

CBS Baltimore Staff