By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone!

It is Friday eve and we have some good news when looking at the extended outlook. Translation in Marty speak, the weekend may be looking better!

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Let’s start with tomorrow. Earlier in the week we were talking 62° then we dropped tomorrow’s daytime high down to 58°.

Now we are raising it, up to 60°. This tells me we may have less clouds and showers around in the afternoon that we were discussing even as recently as yesterday. A slight move toward the better.

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Saturday is still looking rock sold with sunny skies and no rain. But temps still in the low 60s. (Normal is the mid 60s). It is a very solid forecast though. Put one in the win column.

Sunday now is looking like more clouds than Saturday, but not total overcast. We will mention a shower because of a warm front scooting up the coast, but right now a lot of rain seems to be staying out for the forecast. Not totally dry, but not a big washout either.

And there you have it, some good news to pass along as we move toward the weeks end and weekend. Enjoy your Friday Eve!

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