By Rachael Cardin

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Violence rocked the city of Baltimore as police responded to a slew of deadly weekend crimes.

Investigations are ongoing, including one where a five-year-old boy was grazed by a stray bullet while getting ready for bed. The mother of the child told WJZ Monday he is afraid to sleep in his room because he thinks another bullet could come through the wall.

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Police said in one of the shootings they had officers one block away, but they need the community to do their part and solve disagreements without violence.

“In many of these cases, folks are being killed by people they know, people that they call friends,” said Baltimore City Police Commissioner Michael Harrison.

Between Saturday and Sunday, Baltimore City police began investigating a deadly stabbing, fatal assault and six shootings. In total, three people are dead, seven more injured, including the five-year-old- who was in the bath tub when a bullet came through the wall.

“All I hear is my aunt hollering, ‘Edie it’s Kodi he’s been shot,'” said Edith Knickman, Kodi’s mother.

Five-year-old Kodi is alright. His arm was grazed by the bullet, but his mom is traumatized by what could have happened.

“For it just to be a graze, all I can do is thank God, because of what could’ve happened,” Knickman said.

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Commissioner Harrison said the department is diligently working to get guns off the street because of the danger they pose to the community.

“When it comes out of that gun, it’s going to go somewhere and it went into a house and struck a five-year-old kid that speaks to the danger of having that gun and pulling that trigger,” Harrison said.

Mothers along Wilkens Avenue said the street is not safe for their families.

“I just pray nothing happens to me and my daughter living on this block,” said Taijah Webb, who lives near the scene.

“He shouldn’t have to grow up like this, they can’t even play outside and now you have to be afraid in your house,” Knickman said.

“I pray the shooting stops, I pray everybody comes together as a community and just pray put the guns down that’s what I pray for,” Webb said.

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If you have any information, police are asking for your help and to contact them.

Rachael Cardin