BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The former Raven who is OJ Brigance, is still swooping in saving lives, even as his hangs in the balance.

Fourteen years after being diagnosed with ALS, he and his wife, Chanda, lead the Brigance Brigade Foundation – a non profit fighting back against the disease – with the Annual 5.7k Race and Family Fun run, which is virtual this year.

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“When we were first diagnosed in 2007, we were astonished by the cost of medical equipment and supplies necessary to have a decent quality of life,” OJ tells WJZ. “While some items are covered by insurance, many necessary costs are not.”

This race is the foundation’s largest fundraiser of the year comes in May, ALS Awareness Month, to help the 6,000 diagnosed every year.

“We have discovered quite often when difficulties impact our lives, we will be presented with the opportunity to assist others experiencing the same journey,” Brigance said through his machine that speaks for him.

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Chanda Brigance is co-founder and OJ’s Wife.

“ALS is just as important as any other sickness or disease and we still have to forge ahead, come together, and understand we are still needing each other and needing help.”

The foundation has raised millions from Baltimore to Houston. The fight against this deadly disease never backs down. As for the Brigance family, neither will they.

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The big day is May 23. Race miles can be logged on any course including treadmills. The goal is to raise 100 thousand dollars. For more information, go to