By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone!

When we came to work early this morning it was 25° colder than it was Wednesday morning, which started a conversation.

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Would a 25° difference be chillier or colder?

I fall on the colder side. I mean a quarter of a hundred down has to be colder. BUT what if that 25° would be from 90° to 75°. Would it still be colder or chillier? Or, wait how about this let’s add in the word cooler.

What would it be? And you think the weather game is easy.

I hear it all the time, “hey, you can be wrong and still keep your job.”

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(Actually an economist and a politician fall into that “safety net” category too. Just sayin’…)

Broadcasting the weather is not easy when English majors are questioning your every word. Cooler, chillier or colder?  The best answer I hear about this quandary came from Tim Williams who simply said, “Yep.”

Fortunately this is the last morning we will have such a difference in numbers on the lower side.

By mid-week next week with overnight lows just shy of 60° and daytime highs 75 to 81° the discussion will go to milder, warmer or hotter. It’s always something. This weather game ain’t easy.

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