BALTIMORE COUNTY, MD. (WJZ) — A Bladensburg police officer is charged in an assault that happened in early March in Baltimore County.

The Baltimore County Police Department on Thursday arrested a suspended Bladensburg police officer in connection with a third-degree sex offense, sex abuse of a minor and second-degree assault investigation.

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LoQune Brown is an eight-year veteran on their community action team.

Bladensburg Police said when the department was first told by Baltimore County Police detectives about the allegation and their investigation on March 8, 2021.

The 34-year-old was arrested Thursday and charged with two counts of third-degree sex offense, two counts of sexual abuse of a minor and two counts of second-degree assault. He is a corporal with the Bladensburg Police Department.

Detectives said that between July and November 2020, Brown allegedly sexually assaulted a juvenile relative at his home on two separate occasions, involving a 12-year-old relative. They said he communicated with the family member after it happened on Instagram. She asked him why he did it, and he responds, “IDK I was drinking and feeling good,” and “I thought you would like it,”

She then replied, “I’m 12-years-old, why would I like that,”

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Brown turned himself into Baltimore County Police officers Thursday after a warrant was issued for his arrest on April 19. He’s being held on a no-bail status.

Brown was put on administrative leave on March 9. He is still on suspension pending the criminal proceedings outcome.

The incident happened when Brown was off-duty, police said, outside of their jurisdiction, and didn’t involve any Bladensburg residents.

“However, given the sensitive nature of the allegation, our Department has launched a review of our Town Youth Development Programs. We are asking anyone who has any concerns to please contact the Bladensburg Police Department’s Internal Affairs Unit at 301-864-6080 immediately,” Bladensburg police said.

“The allegation is extremely disturbing for our Department and our community. We hold our Officers to the highest standards of the law and this does not reflect the professionalism, dedication or commitment of the men and women of the Bladensburg Police Department and their service to our community. Please always talk to your children and encourage them to speak up if someone hurts them. We will stand up for them and seek justice,” said Chief of Police Tyrone Collington, Sr.

Their internal affairs unit will conduct an administrative investigation subsequent to the completion of the criminal matter.

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The criminal investigation into the incident is being led by the Baltimore County Police Department. All media inquiries regarding any details of the case are being handled by the Baltimore County Police Department.

Stetson Miller