BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore Police have identified the DPW employee who was shot and killed Friday.

Dayvon Mason, 32, was killed when a suspect opened fire on him and another sanitation worker in the 4600 York Road around 7:25 p.m. Friday.

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The other DPW employee, a 38-year-old man, was in critical condition at an area hospital, but has been released, Police Commissioner Michael Harrison said in a press conference Monday.

Police said they were shot after some type of altercation broke out between them and the suspects. They were operating a sanitation vehicle at the time.

“The hearts of DPW are heavy this evening. We’ve lost one of our own and another one is in serious condition,” said Matthew Garbark, Department of Public Works.

Investigators are working closely with the Department of Public Works to determine why the men were in that location since it was outside their assigned area. Harrison said the men were there for a while before the incident and the shooting happened in broad daylight.

“We are asking anyone who may have seen something, or heard something or knows something about what happened this Friday please call police,” said Commissioner Harrison.

For people in the area, there is disbelief this happened so close to home.

“I was just shocked, I can’t believe it was that close to the house,” a neighbor said.

Baltimore Police continue to investigate the shooting and are asking anyone who saw anything to call police or Crime Stoppers at 1-866-7-Lockup.

City Union of Baltimore President Antoinette Ryan-Johnson released a statement later Monday on the gun violence against the sanitation workers:

“The tragic violence that visited Department of Public Works employees Friday only underscores the scourge of violence that continues to trouble our city. It hits closer to home for us because the victims are among our labor family. On behalf of everyone at the City Union of Baltimore, I extend my deepest and heartfelt sympathies to the families of the victims of Friday evening’s violence.

Gun violence is a plague that troubles our nation and our city. CUB supports every effective effort to stop gun violence in our city. We know there are countless people on the frontlines doing what they can to interrupt violence and mediate conflicts before they reach a violent outcome. We encourage them and the people of Baltimore not to be discouraged and to continue efforts at gun violence prevention. Each life saved is worth the effort, and each victim of gun violence deserves our effort to stop the killings.

Our labor family is hurting. Public employees enter into a sacred bond with the communities we serve. Our goal is to deliver the best service that will prove to be a common good. In turn, the community should be there to support and protect us. The violence Friday broke that sacred pact, and it is now up to all of us to restore it.”

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Ava-joye Burnett