By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone!

The last Wednesday of April will feel like a Wednesday in July. We have been talking temperatures, and humidity, the past couple of day’s and that July feel is the reality today. It is all good.

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I really enjoy evenings this time of the year, and in the Summer. But especially in mid Spring because the mosquitos have not come out, in force, quite yet. And that means perfect grillin’ and chillin’ conditions. Having said that I want to mention there is a chance of a spotty shower this evening. And spotty is the operational word just in case you have plans on firing up the grill later on. (In the forecast it is a mention but not a “put the rain symbol on the graphic” kind of thing.) And really that is the only bump in the weather road we have today.

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Tomorrow late day thunderstorms are a part of the forecast symbol and all, and we will look at that chance tomorrow. Meanwhile enjoy this last Wednesday of July, er, I mean…APRIL!

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