BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is one of the NFL’s bigger stars. But, when he’s not in pads and on the field, he may be a little harder for fans to recognize. At least that was the case Wednesday when Jackson posted a video to his Instagram of an encounter with a fan on the street in South Carolina, which the young QB had some fun with.

In the video, Jackson can be heard offering the man $100 if he could recognize him. The man responded that he knew Jackson played football but when Jackson asked him what position, things got a little off track.

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The man guessed wide receiver first to which Jackson replied, “You might not get this $100.”

The next guess was offensive line and though he was wrong, Jackson gave him the $100 and hugged him.

The fan came back a little while later and excitedly identified the quarterback correctly, “Lamar Jackson!”

Jackson acknowledged that he had gotten it right. After ESPN Ravens reporter Jamison Hensley reposted the video on Twitter, Jackson quote tweeted it saying, “If he had said RB I would have kept my 100”

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Jackson of course remembers some of the discussion that surrounded him leading up to the draft when some analysts suggested he would be better off at a position other than quarterback. He’s since won the MVP and finished last season third in the NFLPA’s sales list for merchandise behind only Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes.

CBS Baltimore Staff