PERRY HALL, MD. (WJZ) — A water main break in one Baltimore County neighborhood happened in such a way Thursday that it damaged the yard of a home, with water spewing about 30 feet in the air.

Water service has since been restored to the area.

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The homeowners and neighbors said the break sounded like a big explosion followed by a flash flood.

“It was a big swoosh, I thought it was gas, and I’m like oh my god, then boom,” said Chris Clifford, neighbor.

“Landscaping’s all game, just washed it all away,” said homeowner Chuck Bain. “It’s just a mess that I have to deal with, in my garage and my house and my driveway and the roof and the stones.”

Just after 3 p.m. Thursday, along Seven Courts Drive is when the water main broke.

Chuck Bain said the break sent a geyser of water into the air for about 45 minutes, directly facing his home.

“It was about 30 feet in the air, it cleaned my roof, it cleaned the front of the house,” Bain said.

The force of the water also spewed particles from the ground.

“The stones and the rocks from the asphalt, the street, it was terrible,” Bain said.

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A spokesperson from the Baltimore Department of Public Works said the eight-inch water main break affected 110 customers.

Neighbors were left in shock from the unexpected sight.

“It was scary,” Clifford said.

A concerning sign for Bain, he said in the past six months, there have been three water main breaks and a sinkhole that opened up just down the street.

“And then this one was the topper, of course, it had to be in front of my house, couldn’t be on the other side of the street, facing the woods, had to be throwing stones at my house for some reason,” Bain said.

Now Bain is left scrambling to pick up the pieces as crews work to repair the break.

“Well, at least everybody’s safe, everybody’s safe, that’s all that really matters. Things can be fixed and repaired,” a neighbor said.

Bain said neighbors have been dropping off water at his home all day.

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In a tweet, Councilman David Marks said the county’s new budget has money to repair the main.