BALTIMORE (WJZ) — One Baltimore-based non-profit is proving hundreds of thousands of books to under-resourced neighborhoods.

The Maryland Book Bank donates nearly half a million books a year to teachers, librarians, caregivers, and families throughout Maryland — of course a lot of these books come from generous members of the community.

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Tia Richardson dropped off 51 books at the Maryland Book Bank for their annual “Books for Kids Day.”

“I understand that there is always a need for kids to get books, books and educations is a way to just change your whole outlook on life,” Richardson said.

The goal is to collect 10,000 books to fill 2,000 story kits for children in need of something to read.

“A story kit is something we developed for COVID,” said Mark Feiring, the Executive Director of the Maryland Book Bank. “So what we started doing is we created a nice little box that has five to 10 books in it depending on what program, and then those are shipped directly to children’s homes. They can go online and order them and it’s free.”

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They’re now sending the kits directly to schools. Feiring said the book kits have been extremely successful during the pandemic and days like Saturday’s drive are vital to restock their supply.

“One of the important things is it reengages the community into what we’re doing as well,” he said. “When we get people out here to help us pack these things up and sort, it get us ahead of the game a bit because the sorting part is time consuming.”

And Tia knows, with each book donated and sorted a child can be taken on an adventure, without leaving their home.

“Books can take you places in your mind that you normally couldn’t go so I wanted to be a part of it so I’m glad that I could do that,” she added.

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The Maryland Book Bank except books year round. Learn how to donate by clicking this link. 

Sean Streicher