By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the first full week of May and generally speaking we will have only one day this work, and school week, without a mention of a shower.

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That will be Thursday. Mid-week, to the weeks end, we will have temps in the upper 60s which will now be below normal. 70 degrees is the current expected daytime high. (Yesterday’s 87° was the second warmest day of this year. So if you thought it was hot out in the sun it was.)

But forget the weather I walked in the back yard Saturday and saw hundreds, HUNDREDS, of Cicada holes.

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I have noticed the squirrels having a field day out back, and that is why. HUNDREDS of those holes. It is only a matter of time that, no matter what the weather is doing, the only environmental headline will be the Cicadas.

The way I look at it is this; at a minimum it will be something to talk about. I am still thinking Preakness week for the brood to arrive, but time will tell.

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