BALTIMORE (WJZ) — For the past 20 minutes I have been debating writing this blog. But I finally decided that I always play my cards, to you, face up on the table so this should be no exception.

Like many of you I was home, albeit home and in bed, watching our tornado warning coverage last night. For a good hour or more we had a very clear and present danger in our own Mid-Atlantic, backyard. Let me emphasize again, “CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER.” I grew up in the northern part of the “tornado belt.” I went to college in the thick of that belt. Trust me the thunderstorms we have here are USUALLY nothing compared to what happens in those states. Tornados are not common here. Oh they happen but are not common. So when we get a tornado warning believe it when I tell you the situation is bad. And deserves all the coverage we can give it. That information can, and HAS saved lives.

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We have a broadcast license from the government to “serve the public interest.” When we interrupt programming for such weather coverage we are not doing it for jollies, and kicks. Frankly when blocking network programming and commercial we lose money. Our business is selling those ads in those shows. Period. So when conditions warrant us remaining on the air, providing that important community information, the decision is not made lightly. More than once last night Denise, and Rick had to apologize for blocking a show that many of you wanted to see, as did WE. Our switchboard lit up with angry calls. We get it, just again understand we do not take blocking programming lightly. So when we do so get weather aware real quick.

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If you see a storm headed toward a friends neighborhood call um and tell them to turn on the TV. Just such a move has saved lives, and prevented injury.

And I am sorry to say we may yet have the same situation arise again later today and tonight. Stay weather aware. Shoutout to Chelsea, Bob, Denise, and Rick for the great professional work they did last night. LIVE.

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