By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone!


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A little rain this afternoon and evening, and a little rain Mother’s Day afternoon and night. And that about squares away the forecast for the weekend. Temps remain cool if not at times chilly feeling over the weekend. And that is something I cannot control and feel really guilt about to the point of almost apologizing on the air for it.

It has been so darn near summer like at time this jolt back to seasonally cool is a bit of a let down. But this is early May and that is the way it goes., Preakness looms on the horizon and we have had Preakness day’s where heat has been a crowd issue, and we have had Preakness day’s where the crowd wishes it had dressed warmer. It really is just after Preakness that I expect seasonally mild, or warm, to be the normal.

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So this weekend is still playing by the yearly script. Just a bit more patience required as we move toward the second third of Spring.

T.G.I.F.,…it is the truth!

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