Hi Everyone!

Did you now there has been a makeover in climatology? It happens every thirty years. And now the “average” daily temperature is looked at, now, crunching numbers from 1990 to 2020. The 1980’s daily temperature numbers are now retired from the current 30 year average. So do we have new “normal?” No, we have new “averages.”

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And that is a word we are starting to use instead of “normal.” It really is a better snap shot of reality.

(If numbers are updated they can never be “normal” if you think about it. So yeah what we have always been calling our “normal highs and lows” is verbally quite wrong. “Average” as a descriptive term, from now on, is now agreed on coast to coast.)

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Preakness week is here and with an average now in the low mid 70’s I always find it safe to say the words Spring, and mild, together. A shift to a normal feel. Wait there is that word “normal” again. But this time a correct use. The last third of Spring is supposed to be warm and unless we have entered an Ice Age, which we have not. Spring=mild.. that is normal. To me this is a big week, really time to change the closet from chilly to warm mode if you have not done so already. Preakness week, in

Maryland is more than just a horse race. It really does make time, yearly.

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