BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The horns inside Pimlico could be heard from one end of the race track to the other — the Tune of 146 awaited!

The excitement on Preakness Day can sometimes be unscripted as one woman in the middle of an interview with WJZ is interrupted by developments of a race.

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“I think it’s exciting and fun and great and I’m sorry – I think I bet on this race! I won! Okay, sorry,” she said forgetting her original thought.

It’s been two years since we got to feel Pimlico Race Track, since we got to see things that have never been done. The wait was worth it.

“These were last year’s tickets so we were very excited to go this year,” that same woman said.

Her composure is finally back.

“It’s different, but it some ways, it’s still the same,” said another. “I’ve been coming here for 30 years!”

Popcorn was ready. Drinks were flowing. It may not have had same energy in the infield as there were only 10,000 admitted Saturday, but the pre-race horns did more than suffice. After the year Baltimore had, they’re just glad to be here.

“There’s no infield show, but we’re still having fun,” said another person.

“Pulling into the parking lot is where you get excited and then walking in the community — they’re celebrating with us,” Enjoli Nelson said.

It’s well deserved. Now we wait for 147.