BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A Baltimore woman held at knifepoint on Sunday said her fiance was not himself.

Shannon Burnham said her finance quickly got violent with her.

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“He had a knife on him. He grabbed me by my hair. He pushed me down to the ground and had a knife telling me he was gonna cut me,” said Burnham.

During the commotion, Burnham said someone called 911. Once arrived, police were told that the man inside, Timothy Fleming, 49, had a knife.

“The male suspect was in fact holding this female at knifepoint. He was standing over her while she was on the floor,” said Police Commissioner Michael Harrison.

Burnham admits that she was scared. She said she had never seen him like this in the almost 15 years that they were together. She tells WJZ she begged Fleming to drop the knife but when he didn’t, police opened fire.

“They sat there and repeatedly shooting at him. They shouldn’t have did that,” said Burnham,

Police Commissioner Harrison said his officers used de-escalation techniques and repeatedly tried to reason with Fleming but eventually shots were fired from at least 1 officer.

He said the body-worn camera footage will be released soon. “I’ve decided that we will release it. It will likely be later in the week,” said Harison on Monday.

Burnham and Fleming have 2 children together. She said they were home when the shooting happened.

“Now they gotta live with no father,” said Burnham.

She added that she has been cooperative with police, but feels a taser or non-fatal shot should have been used.

Mayor Brandon Scott commended the officer for trying to resolve the situation without violence prior to firing their weapon.




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