BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A Baltimore City career criminal was sentenced to multiple life sentences for his role in killing a federal witness.

Davon Carter, 40, was sentenced to 4 life sentences in federal prison for two counts of conspiracy to murder a witness and one count each of witness retaliation murder and witness tampering. He was also convicted on a federal narcotics conspiracy charge, two counts of using a cell phone to facilitate the commission of a felony and possession with intent to distribute marijuana.  His co-defendant Clifton Mosley, 42, also of Baltimore was convicted on January 29, 2020.

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“We will never tolerate witness tampering, intimidation, or retaliation—period,” said Acting U.S. Attorney Jonathan F. Lenzner. “Carter and Mosley’s efforts to silence a witness resulted in the death of a woman who had absolutely nothing to do with them. Carter will now serve the rest of his life in federal prison and his co-defendant also faces life in federal prison. While there is no sentence that can ease the pain of the family and friends of Latrina Ashburne for her senseless murder, I hope that they can take some comfort in the fact that Carter will never be free to walk the streets again.”

According to evidence presented during the trial, Carter and Mosley plotted to kill, Latrina Ashbrune, 42,  who had provided information to police officials about a friend of Carter’s who was charged in a health care fraud scheme and a murder. The defendant, Matthew Hightower, learned the identity of the witness how had incriminating evidence against him. While on bond, Hightower began communicating with witnesses who were on the grand jury. He also was still in contact with Mosley and Carter.

On May 27, 2016, Ashburne was killed in the early morning hours in the 2900 block of Rosalind Ave in front of her home. Authorities reported that an unknown male approached her and shot her in the upper body as she tried to run.

Further investigation showed that Mosley’s phone was in the area during the time of the murder. He was also in contact with Carter. Additionally, vehicles owned by the mother of Carter’s girlfriend and by Hightower were captured on surveillance video driving slowly through the area as if the driver were looking for someone. Evidence proved that they each drove one of the vehicles.

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Mosley faces a mandatory sentence of life in prison for each of the two conspiracy counts and for the witness retaliation and witness tampering murder charges. Mosley also faces a maximum of five years in prison for the distribution of marijuana. A sentencing date for Mosley has not been set yet.




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