BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Over 2.7 million people are now fully vaccinated in Maryland and the state’s vaccination rates, which were once behind others, now rank among the nation’s best.

Doctors said it’s all because Marylanders are wearing masks and getting vaccinated.

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“I think Maryland’s been pretty good with everything coronavirus related,” said Baltimore resident, Connor Weinert

“People really paid attention, they listened to the governor they listened to public health authorities,” said Dr. Clifford Mitchell with the State Health Department.

The CDC said at the beginning of January, Maryland was off to a slow start. But in just 5 months, the state went from the 47th in the nation to the 9th, ranking the percentage of the population that’s fully vaccinated.

“The biggest credit by far has to go to the people of Maryland,” said Dr. Mitchell.

With more shots getting into more arms, the positivity rate is at a record low of just 2.07 percent.

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“The continued rollout of vaccines will remain incredibly important and truthfully a lot of why I think we’re seeing these changes in our cases and death metrics,” said Dr. Jennifer Nuzzo, with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Medicine

Besides vaccinations, Dr. Mitchell says our COVID numbers are dropping because Marylanders have been paying attention since the very beginning.

“We’ve been in a good position. All of the efforts they made to socially distance, to keep the face masks on,” said Dr. Mitchell.

As for the future, doctors said we’re not of the woods just yet since the virus will continue to mutate. Still, health officials said to keep the numbers low nationwide, everyone needs to get the shot.

“What happens over the next few months is determined by how many people get vaccinated,” said Dr. Jennifer Nuzzo, with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Medicine.

Right now, the state says over 67 percent of Marylanders are fully vaccinated.

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Governor Hogan wants to see that number hit 70 percent by Memorial Day Weekend.

Kelsey Kushner