TOWSON, Md. (WJZ) —  AAA predicts travel will skyrocket this summer, following last summer’s lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Not only is it projected to be a busy weekend, but it’s also the unofficial kickoff to summer, which officials say is looking up in the travel world.

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Air travel is up more than 600 percent but most travelers plan to drive to their holiday destinations.  “63 percent said they do plan to take some sort of trip this summer so we do recognize there is some sort of increased enthusiasm when it pertains to travel,” said Regina Ali with AAA.

Fourty-five percent of Marylanders are fully vaccinated now, however, some travelers said they are still staying cautious.

“I like to travel, but because it is still a pandemic, I wouldn’t make it a thing to travel too much right now,” said Syal Sapp.

For Jeri Wiggins travel is not in the cards anytime soon either. “No. Although I’m fully vaccinated, I plan to stay put this summer,” she said.

Others are excited and said they’re booking with confidence.

Shak MagOna is getting on a plane in a few months to head to California. Scott Borgmann is driving south to Myrtle Beach for a tournament. Both are excited to see life going back to normal. “I’m just excited to start traveling,” Borgmann said.

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“I think everybody’s just so happy to be able to get out and do something,” said Andrea Rangel.

The TSA said it has seen nearly 3 straight months of more than a million passenger screenings at airports nationwide since March.

Sunday marked the highest number of fliers since the start of the pandemic. The numbers were in line with the same day in 2019, pre-pandemic, with a difference of nearly 200,000 passengers.

Traffic is expected to be a factor so AAA encourages you to pack your patience.

Nico DiNenna said even though it took him $73 to fill up his truck with an increased gas process, he plans to travel. “Everyone have a great memorial day weekend and slow down stay safe,” he said.

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