BALTIMORE (WJZ) – The Julio Jones saga took a new twist on Monday when Jones told Shannon Sharpe of Fox Sports that he is “out of there” when asked about staying with the Atlanta Falcons. The comments refueled speculation that the Ravens could be among the contenders to acquire the star receiver. If they do, CBS Sports research shows that they would see the biggest jump of any team in their Super Bowl chances.

CBS Sports research analyst Stephen Oh put together projections for how acquiring Jones would affect the four potential landing spots of the Ravens, New England Patriots, Tennessee Titans and San Francisco 49ers. In those projections, the Ravens saw the biggest movement with their Super Bowl chances increasing from 9.5% to 12%. According to Oh’s projections, the Ravens also saw their shot at winning the division (+5.3%) and making the playoffs (+4.4%) improve.

It makes sense that any team acquiring Jones would see an increase in their Super Bowl potential given the star receiver’s track record. It is a little surprising to see the Ravens get the biggest bump, though that may have as much to do with how good the team already is as it does with what adding Jones would bring.

Before Ravens fans get too excited at the prospect, it is worth noting that some cap juggling would need to be done in order to fit Jones onto the roster. Still, the rumors connecting Jones to the Ravens continue to circulate.

CBS Baltimore Staff