BALTIMORE (WJZ) –- On Tuesday, Catholic High School’s Graduation ceremony made mention of the students who transferred in from the Institute of Notre Dame and honored them by playing their alma mater song and giving each of the 15 students a bouquet, an IND tradition.

In May of 2020, the all-girl private school closed permanently. About 30 IND students transferred to the only other Catholic School in the city, Catholic High. Of those 30, 15 were about to be seniors.

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“I honestly love this 2021 class and I don’t know what I would’ve done without this year -this last year made me see who I am,” said Carlene Phillander, IND Transfer.

“I was incredibly heartbroken because I was with these girls for so many years they were sisters but I met new sisters on the new way,” said Rachel Bower, another IND transfer and senior graduate.

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Kaylin Harper celebrated with her family and friends and after transferring from IND she said the ceremony was special. “It was definitely a sentimental moment and I’m just excited for the future.”

“Everyone came together as one today and that meant a lot.” She acknowledged the transfer students and told WJZ “nothing can replicate the Institute of Notre Dame but we did the best we could to show our support and to make them feel at least we were celebrating them as well,” said Dr. Barbara Nazelrod, Catholic High School President.

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IND’s Head of School, Christine Szala said her students were glowing. “I’m just so proud of them so proud of them they look wonderful they’re so happy you can see it and I will stay in touch with them for many years to come.”

Rachael Cardin