BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Sometimes it takes a great partnership to have a happy ending and the one between Johns Hopkins and Dunkin Donuts just so happens to save a life.

Emily Williams was pregnant, showing signs of severe internal bleeding. “During that time period, a local hospital told us that they didn’t think Abby would be able to survive,” Williams tells WJZ.

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She went home devastated. Life was uncertain — then her water broke before racing to Johns Hopkins.

“They told us that Abby had a one percent chance to live and they were going to do everything they could with that one percent chance and not the 99 percent that was against us,” Williams said as tears streamed down her face. It was soon to be a miracle.

Born three and a half months early, Abby was 2 pounds and 2 ounces. “She could literally fit in the palm of my husband’s hand and his wedding ring could fit around her knee.”

Now saving lives like Abby’s starts with a pour. Wednesday, May 26, is iced coffee day across Baltimore.

$1 from all iced coffees sold benefits kids at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. Benefits include special equipment, toys, and support to give kids a chance.

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Jennifer Phelps is the Assistant Director of Development at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center.

“Abby’s family knew from the start the amazing things that were happening at the children’s center. They knew in order to save Abby’s life, they had to come to Hopkins,” Phelps said.

Colleen Krygiel is the Marketing Manager at Dunkin’. “This is something that is extremely important and we’re passionate about – giving back to this organization. They do such an important piece in our community.”

Who knew a cup of coffee could make a miracle? Her face still wet with tears, Williams is so relieved for the special care her family received.

“The faith and belief Hopkins had in our daughter and the capabilities of those doctors, we wouldn’t be a family of three today,” she said.

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Abby spent 314 days in the hospital. She’s a healthy 3-year-old and Mom calls her a miracle.