By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone!

Beyond today’s gray skies, tonight’s late rain, and possible heavier rain and thunderstorms tomorrow, lay four days of hazy, hot and humid. I point this out because we know how loud the Cicada’s get when it is sunny and warm or hot. And of course, they are starting to take flight, and soon to be a big way. All of this we know. But let me tell you what I saw this morning that makes the upcoming run of the “three H’s” even creepier.

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This morning when I came outside to go to work there were not just the bugs we’ve gotten used to sleeping off a day of behaving badly, but there were dozens of white ones. Those that have just emerged from their shells and are not yet dry and looking like a Cicada. So this begs the question: “Is there another wave emerging?” It certainly is possible as we have been told this is not over for another month.  And we know the critters we have come to know and love really don’t live that long after emerging. They do their thing, and then do whatever. Now add another trillion or so to the current Cicada population and imagine what hazy, hot, and humid will sound and look like this first weekend of June.

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  I’d write more but this is a weather blog, not a horror story.

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