BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Federal prosecutors announced the indictment of 15 members of a violent street gang allegedly responsible for more than 40 murders and attempted murders combined.

According to officials, at least one of the suspects is no stranger to law enforcement. Authorities said the gang terrorized several East Baltimore neighborhoods.

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Prosecutors announced the 11 count federal indictment on Thursday. The 15 men have been accused of a slew of crimes connected to a drug-dealing operation in East Baltimore.

Officials said some of the suspects are connected to at least 18 murders and 27 attempted murders.

“This gang’s enterprise relied on extreme violence, to control their territory to support their drug business, and some intimidate witnesses to prevent them from cooperating with law enforcement,” said Acting U.S. Attorney for the District of Maryland, Jonathan F. Lenzner. “This business was built on violence, murders and shootings of rival gang members and drug dealers, a contract killing in exchange for money.”

Prosecutors said the gang is known as “Triple C” which stands for Cruddy Conniving Crutballs.

Investigators said it was founded as an alternative to the “Black Guerrilla Family” and claim that the “members routinely used social media websites to enhance the gang’s status and to identify and locate victims.”

The indictment also alleges incarcerated members continued to have an influence from behind bars.

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There is evidence that shows that “incarcerated members of ‘Triple C’ used jail telephones to publicize the identities of people believed to be cooperating with law enforcement to order assaults and murders of enemies of the enterprise.”

Some of the suspects, including Rashaud Nesmith, have a history with police. Nesmith was charged with attempted murder after off-duty Baltimore City Police Sgt. Isaac Carrington was shot back in 2019. Investigators said that was an attempted robbery.

“Make no mistake as alleged in this indictment Triple C was as organized and Savvy as they are violent and relentless,” said Lenzner.

Lenzner said the gang operated for at least 5 years in several East Baltimore neighborhoods including Darley Park.

There are various charges on this indictment but prosecutors said all of the defendants face a mandatory minimum of 10 years and a maximum of life in federal prison for conspiracy to distribute controlled substances.

Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison said in a statement:

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“Let me be clear, we will remain committed to identifying these organizations and their members and associates, as well as removing them from our communities.”

The ATF has partnered with Baltimore homicide detectives to track down any additional suspects.

Ava-joye Burnett