ELKTON, Md. (WJZ) — Lora Walters, former Deputy Director of the Cecil County Board of Elections, has been charged with Misconduct in Office, Perjury, False Entry in a Public Record, Altering a Public Record and Committing Corrupt Acts as an Election Official, the Office of the State Prosecutor announced Friday.

Walters allegedly altered a financial disclosure to look like it had been filed 8 months earlier than it had been. Officials said she failed to collect the form of a prospective candidate when they registered to run for office. Walters reportedly made the alteration when the absence came to light.

Officials said she then gave false testimony about the alterations under oath in a civil court proceeding.

“Election officials are expected to discharge their duties with integrity and transparency,” said Maryland State Prosecutor Charlton T. Howard. “Our office will investigate and where appropriate prosecute any allegation that an election official corruptly alters a public record and subsequently provides false testimony as to that alteration in a court of law.”