By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone!

It is good to be back with you, though with weather alerts lighting up my phone daily for the past week it seemed like a part of me was still on the job. FINALLY it looks like, after today, we will calm the weather down. Finally.

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Thunderstorms are likely again this evening and into the bedtime hours. You know the drill by now, heavy rain, wind, and some street flooding possible. At least we have not been alone during this wicked past week of weather.

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Many cities in the Eastern half of the United States have had weather rough enough to disrupt air travel many times last week. My wife and I, flying from Denver back here through Raleigh-Durham last Thursday, had an hour delay leaving Denver then a three hour delay on our connecting flight due to weather. Last night there were people in the Orlando airport that were delayed as much as nine hours. When storms light up North and South it is hard to move airliners around. Frankly I decided that in the Summer flying in the morning is the best option when possible, before the afternoon heat and severe weather possibilities.

One more day of this then we end Spring and start Summer on a calmer note. Finally. Good.

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