SPARROWS POINT, Md. (WJZ) — Neighborhoods along the water got hit hard Monday night by winds, rain, and hail. Many in Sparrows Point woke up to downed trees, power outages, and damage to their property from broken branches and tree limbs.

Mike Loncala lives right on the water and said a tree that has weathered many storms was ripped from the ground overnight. “That tree survived of bad wind, all of that, and now this one took it down. We couldn’t believe it,” said Loncala.

Loncala said he went to look out the window Monday night at the height of the storm and saw nothing. “I go to look out and I can’t see 2 feet, that’s the worst I’ve ever seen it.”  He and his wife had to mop water off the kitchen floor after the rain and wind were pushing water into their house from the door jam on the floor.

The tree’s root system is about 10 feet in diameter and the upper branches landed on Loncala’s porch. “In a way, I feel fortunate because of the size of that tree, if the wind have been different it would’ve landed right in the middle of our house,” said Loncala.

Melissa Sisk lives a few doors down and said, the storm was loud. “The wind was kicking up, you could hear the hail. It was about a quarter size, hail was hitting the window,” Sisk said.  A tree in her yard was ripped from the ground, taking a pipe and part of the driveway along with it.

After living through storms, hurricanes and tornados, Sisk said, “It was real severe, it was almost like they were throwing buckets against the window. She is not the only one with a downed tree; “I have four houses that have trees down in their yard and that’s just across the street.”

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Brian Kelley lives in South Baltimore and has damage to his vehicle after an old tree outside was battered by the wind. “The tree limb fell during the storm last night and landed on my truck,” said Kelley.

Rachael Cardin