By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone!

What a beautiful morning. What a fine afternoon on tap. And what a great evening it is going to be. There is nothing tougher to understanding today’s weather than that. High pressure will guarantee the same message from Mother Nature tomorrow too.

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As the first day of Summer, (Sunday), approaches we on the morning shift become keenly aware of just how long the day’s are. At 4:45 this morning the horizon was already lighting up. By 5:15 you could easily read a newspaper outside. And this day will be so long at 14 hours 56 minutes of daylight that many of us on the A.M. shift will be in bed before it gets dark. I like to call this week, and the next the brightest two weeks of the year.

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Have a great day, and find ya some fun. Afterall it’s the “season” to do so.

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