BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Many businesses are now providing incentives to recoup its workforce as we emerge from pandemic shutdowns.

Horseshoe Casino in downtown Baltimore is offering a six-week paid training program for anyone interested in learning the art of table games dealing. It’s recruiting 100 new employees for a minimum salary of $25/hour with benefits and potential signing bonuses after the first 90 days. No previous experience is required.

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“This out-of-the-box idea has created that space for us to really work to replenish our workforce in a quick manner,” said Vice President of Human Resources Rico Wade.

Horseshoe Casino lost 100 employees during the pandemic — a staff that it’s now trying to regain.

Antonio Screnci is in training at the dealership academy.

“I was just scrolling through Indeed, looking for an opportunity and this just sparked an interest,” he said. “I was working in the restaurant industry prior to this and there were definitely some setbacks.”

Pandemic closures and shutdowns wreaked havoc on Maryland’s workforce and hit the restaurant and hospitality industry particularly hard.

“The hospitality industry lost talent that it’s never going to get back,” said Donte Johnson, the general manager at Hotel Revival in Mt. Vernon.

At its peak, Hotel Revival had 75 employees and now probably has about one-third of its original staff and is looking to hire more.

The Maryland Department of Labor released a report Wednesday showing that the state added 11,500 jobs and that its unemployment rate dropped 6.1% in May, the lowest it’s been since the start of the pandemic.

As pandemic era unemployment benefits of $300/week are set to expire in July, many people are exploring new career opportunities.

“Being very interactive and being able to communicate with people is something that really drew me to it, along with getting paid well,” said Daryl Conley Jr., who is also in training to become a table games dealer at Horseshoe Casino.

Anyone interested in learning more about open positions at Horseshoe Casino can email the recruiting team at:

Rachel Menitoff