MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — Rescue crews continue to search for survivors after a condo building partially collapsed overnight in Surfside, Florida. At least one person has been confirmed dead and 10 people injured.

The search and rescue team in Montgomery County said this is a 24-hour operation. The crews in Florida will be battling long hours and warm weather as they use cameras and audio technology to try and find survivors.

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“We train for this type of work,” said Fire Chief Scott Goldstein, Montgomery County Search and Rescue.

Chief Goldstein said that search and rescue teams are ready for any challenge like the building collapse in Florida that has left dozens of people unaccounted for.

“The rubble pile itself continues to shift as we go about making holes to get into the void spaces to rescue folks, we are having to worry about not causing additional shifting,” said Goldstein.

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Goldstein said the first step is conducting a hasty search. Next would be clearing and securing the remainder of the building so it doesn’t collapse. “The building is unstable everything they do every push they make over here has a reaction over here.”

Before searching through twisted metal and debris to find survivors, Goldstein said the team will use canines and audio listening devices to locate victims. Then they’ll use specific camera technology to communicate with anyone trapped under the rubble.

“The camera is built-in and moves inside the head (we can ask) how many victims are down there, what are their conditions, are they pinned what are their injuries,” said William Bryant with the Montgomery County search and rescue.

As crews continue to search for victims trapped in void spaces, Goldstein said time is of the essence.

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“They will work tirelessly to find anybody who is able to be rescued,” said Fire Chief Goldstein.

Kelsey Kushner