BALTIMORE (WJZ) — With temperatures topping out in the 90s, local snowball stands will be busy.

This delicious summertime treat has been keeping people cool in Baltimore since the 1800s and has deep roots in Maryland.

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“Most people remember getting snowballs when they were little,” said Neil Covington, Emmorton Snowball and Ice Cream.

Emmorton Snowballs has been in Neil Covington’s family since 1981.

“It’s a thing that parents want to do with,” said Covington.

Baltimore even claims to be the snowball originator, with legends typing the city to cool concoction as early as the 1800s.

“It’s a very bold claim to make,” said Joyce White, Food Historian.

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White is a Food Historian and said it’s really hard to verify that the snowballs were invented in Baltimore.

“There’s no evidence to prove that, but there isn’t evidence to disprove it either. It’s just one of these things,” said White.

New Orleans also claims to be the creator of the snowball

“In New Orleans, they are known for finer shaved ice,” said Dasia Kabia, Ice Queens.

At Ice Queens in Locust point, they serve up their snowballs with a big easy twist.

“So New Orleans is super famous for putting condensed milk on their snowballs,” said Kabia.

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So whether they were invented in Baltimore, New Orleans or somewhere in between, on days when the temperatures reach into the 90s we could be thankful they were invented at all.

Sean Streicher