ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — Day two of the trial for the Capital Gazette shooter resumed on Wednesday and jurors were able to see the shooter’s reactions from the moment he was arrested and during hours of questioning.

Jurors watched more graphic video that was captured minutes after the mass shooting at the Capital Gazette.

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As police officers entered the newsroom, body camera video showed a victim on the ground. One officer asked “Ma’am, ma’am, are you awake?” but there was no answer. At that moment police had no idea where the shooter was.

One officer then said, “This might be our suspect right here. Put your hands behind your back.” Jarrod Ramos was found hiding face down under a desk.

During more than six hours of questioning, prosecutors implied that the defendant cherry-picked what questions he wanted to answer. He initially refused to give his name but spoke up when he wanted water, a burger and when he needed to use the restroom.

When a detective told him “You’re the boss, you tell us,” the defendant gave them two names of people who were associated with the paper, an editor and an executive.

The defendant had a grievance with the paper about a perceived inaccuracy after they wrote up a story on him.

When investigators searched his apartment hours after the shooting, they found two books. One was entitled “The Last Duel” and another was about defamation.

Defense attorneys are trying to build a case that the defendant’s mental illness at the time of the shooting means he’s not criminally responsible.

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Professor Amy Dillard, an associate professor of law at the University of Baltimore, said jurors will have to weigh lots of facts.

“All of those non-expert facts, the jury considers all of that when they consider whether a defendant should be held criminally responsible or not,” said Professor Dillard.

Late in the afternoon on day two of testimonies, the defense brought in their first medical expert witness, Dr. Joanna Brandt who specializes in general and forensic psychiatry.

After several questions were asked with a series of objections from the prosecution, the jury was asked to leave the courtroom after the defense and prosecution had approached the bench to conference with the judge.

After the jury left, it was revealed that the witness was reading her answers from a script. Judge Michael Wachs was visibly concerned. The prosecution made a motion to strike Dr. Brandt’s testimony from the record, but after both sides argued their case, the judge denied the request.

The prosecution will have an opportunity to question Dr. Brandt during cross-examination on Thursday.

The witness continued her questioning and the paper was no longer visible.

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The trial will resume on Thursday.

Ava-joye Burnett