BALTIMORE (WJZ) —  Another day of scorching heat across Baltimore with temperatures prompts a code red heat advisory for the city. Cooling centers have opened up to try to protect residents from the heat.

“It’s hot. It’s really hot,” said one child.

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“It definitely is unbearable to just be walking around,” said Joce Johnson.

The heat wave prompted city officials to issue the first code red heat advisory of the season. Cooling centers were also opened and people were urged to take precautions.

“I really want to encourage all of our residents to take precautions, stay hydrated and seek shade or air-conditioned areas as they go about their day,” said Mayor Brandon Scott.

However, some got relief by running throw this splash pad at the West Shore Park near the Inner Harbor.

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“We’re just playing here in the water. I’m having fun,” said  Gary Lorenzo.

Others just keep working through the heat like construction workers in Canton — while taking a few extra precautions.

“We keep going. We advise our guys to take a few more breaks and make sure they’re getting themselves acclimated and getting plenty of water as they work through the day,” said Michael Longo, Senior Superintendent at John Moriarty & Associates.

Doctors at Sinai Hospital said they have seen an uptick in patients coming in with heat-related illnesses and want people to be mindful of the heat and stay out of it when possible.

“The biggest thing to be aware of is really trying to minimize exposure. When you can, staying hydrated and looking out for your younger ones and older ones,” said Dr. Neil Roy, Chairman of Emergency Department of Sinai Hospital

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Dr. Roy added to stay hydrated and to keep water with you if you have to be outside.

Stetson Miller