(CBS Local)– It’s been almost 10 years since “Ridiculousness” first aired on MTV and the show has been a life changer for Sterling “Steelo” Brim. The Chicago native had never been on television prior to this show and was working in music with Rob Dyrdek’s cousin before Dyrdek gave him the opportunity to jump onto the show.

Today, the 33-year-old is still making people laugh about the most viral and ridiculous videos on the internet, hosts his own podcast called “Wine and Weed” and also works in marketing. CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith chatted with Brim about his journey to Hollywood, why people can’t get enough of “Ridiculousness” and what else he wants to do in his career.

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“The craziest part is that I came out to LA to do music,” said Brim. “I was working in A&R with some artists at the time and I was in the studio locked in and I was actually helping Rob Dyrdek’s cousin put together a publishing and production company. Rob just so happened to come to the studio twice and said ‘hey man, you’re funny. We should do a show together.’ I didn’t have his number or any connection with him other than meeting his cousin.”

“I got a call from him three months later. He asked if I could be there to film the pilot, which started tomorrow. It was my first time being on TV, but I was here for it. We went and did the pilot and we have been doing it ever since.”

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“Ridiculousness” has filmed over 20 seasons and this August will mark 10 years since the show first premiered. Brim believes the show resonates with people of all ages because it like a modern version of “America’s Funniest Home Videos.”

“It’s a family show. It’s a modernized America’s Funniest Home Videos and we break down the videos a little bit more,” said Brim. “One of the things that really resonates with people are people and the videos we have. Some of them are so easy to connect with because it’s constantly going on around you. It’s crazy how much content we actually receive and the catalog that we have from over the years. I guess it is just evergreen and something that will never stop. People will never stop doing stupid things and filming it.”

Brim says he, Dyrdek and Chanel West Coast started to go off the cuff more with their responses to the videos on the show beginning in season seven. As a result, Brim and the crew now film six episodes a day as opposed to the way it used to be, which was one episode over the course of 12 hours. While Brim has met a lot of people in Hollywood, he believes Dyrdek is different from the rest.

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“He is super genuine. From the day I met him he said I was funny and we should do this thing and he meant that,” said Brim. “Every day and every step of the way whenever we talk or go over anything business outside of Ridiculousness or in Ridiculousness, it’s always just a genuine conversation. He’s really a caring dude and if he says it, he means it. His word is his bond and as an individual that’s really rare nowadays, especially in the industry we work in. You rarely just get someone that has your back for no reason other than just being a good person. That’s something I always tell him and I appreciate him for it.”